The Intercultural Training Programme

In 2011, the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry celebrated the 110th anniversary of the creation of its first business English examination, the “Diploma in English”. To mark the occasion, the Franco-British Chamber formed a Strategic Committee, with the aim of creating a range of new training seminars including its Intercultural Training Programme.

The Intercultural Training Programme consists of seminars and courses designed to help French and British professionals optimise their company’s relations with France  or Britain.

This programme includes seminars on:

– How to Work with the British/French: click here for more information

– Successful Presentations in English/French

– How to Communicate with the British/French Media

– SOS English – tailor-made coaching for important occasions

All our seminars are led by members of the Franco-British Chamber who are specialists in their field.

In 2009, the Franco-British Chamber also forged a partnership with the Paris-based languages training organisation IFCL-Logos.

Diplomas & Tests in Business English

Since 1873, the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FBCCI) has been at the heart of the Franco-British business community. The Business English Diplomas of the Franco-British Chamber were created in 1901 to meet the linguistic needs of the Chamber’s members and partners. Since their creation, these examinations have evolved steadily to keep pace with the ever-changing requirements of the business world.

Although the FBCCI Examinations were originally designed to meet the specific needs of French-speaking learners of English – and this category of learner still makes up the majority of candidates – most of the FBCCI examinations offered today are available in an ‘all-English’ format to make them accessible to candidates who do not speak or read French.

  • The FBCCI Examinations & Tests

Diploma in Business English (DBE)

Level: C1-C2

Exists in 2 versions: Translations / All English

Certificate in English for Business Communication (EBC)

Level: B1+-B2+Designed for French-speaking learners (the instructions for certain papers are in French).

Business English Skills Test (BEST)

Level: A2-C1

Paper test or online format called BEST Online.

Exists in a standard business English version and with options in specialised areas.

Specialisations currently available:

– Transport & Logistics
– Travel & Tourism
– Secretaries & Receptionists
– Flight Attendants

Test of Spoken English for Business (TSEB)

Level: B2-C2

A 40 minute oral expression test which can be adapted to any professional area.

For more information, visit:

Training centre

The Chamber has teamed up with IFCL LOGOS FORMATION for its English lessons. These lessons are in groups of 4 to 8 students maximum, to allow the candidates to to discuss. We will ensure beforehand that the candidates are at a similar level.

To organise this training, it is necessary :

1)    to put into place the specifications of the company to know their expectations. Every training session is adapted to the company’s activities;

2)    to evaluate each student’s level to order an appropriate lesson.

3)    to determine the aims of the training and the level required with the student and the firm.

At the end of the training, a second evaluation test will measure the student’s progress and determine whether the set aims have been achieved.

The candidate will then receive an official certification of his/her English level from the Franco British Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

It is currently difficult to suggest a price for these training sessions as we do not yet know your expectations or the number of people to train.

For more information on this programme, please click here.

If you would like to register for one of our training services, or for more information, please contact us with the following details:


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