Chez Quentin, cela sonne le vrai. Tout est d’une simplicité honnête et durable. Bref, un restaurant digne de ce nom qui redonne ses lettres de noblesse, au ‘BB’  non pas comme BOBO,  mais comme ‘Bien Boire’, comme ‘Bonne Bouffe’ et j’en passe…
52, rue Bichat Paris 10
01 42 02 40 32
Du mardi au dimanche Service 12h00 – 15h30

Les Halles in the 1st arrondissement, the stage set for the meal is immediately promising, so shiny new behind its huge plate glass window that the first thing you notice as you walk in is the fresh smell of the wood pannelling. A round of applause for the chef (Tommy Gousset, the city’s best kitchens), the excellent wine list, and the company overall for an elegant, affordable whole.

5 rue Mondétour Paris 1er
Tel :

Paris downtown closed to Notre Dame is a very nice restaurant ( Very French  and very good food)
No more comment you have to go. One word, it is FABULOUS….
28, rue ( clos ) des blancs manteaux
75004 Paris

Tel : 01 42 74 40 15

The Frenchie ******

Very nice, very Parisian and very trendy,  by the way, everybody speaks English
5-6 rue  du Nil,
Paris 75002

Tél. : +33 (0)
Métro 3 : Sentier

The Beef Club ****** is a new opening in the heart of Paris (1st district). The owners are the same as three famous cocktail bars in Paris (Experimental Cocktail Club, Prescription, Curio Parlor).

The speciality is the English beef imported from Tim Wilson (Yorkshire) by the renowned butcher Yves-Marie Le Bourdonec. I recommend this place. Price: around 65€ without wine.

58 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau 75001 Paris

If you want to eat a Real Pizza in Paris, go to Presto Fresco. I highly apreciated the proseco and 78 € for 3 personnes, not a big deal.

14 Rue Montmartre Paris 75001
01 40 26 83 94
You need a reservation, or arrive early, enjoy your meal.
By the way no parking in this distric, come by the subway.


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